Will a cold affect my temperature?




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    If I mark down three or more "questionable" temperatures because I have a cold and am running a fever, how will that affect my cycle? Will I ovulate? Will it go back to normal after I get better and/or in my next cycle?

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for your questions! A cold might prevent you from ovulating in the current cycle, but it might not - only tracking your temperatures and cervical fluid will let you know for sure :) If you don't ovulate, it's nothing to worry about - your cycles should go back to normal after you get better. 


    Depending on where you are in your cycle, marking several temperatures as questionable may affect your ability to pinpoint the temperature shift. In order to confirm a temperature shift, you'll need at least six non-questionable temps before the temp shift, and at least three non-questionable temps afterward. If you're trying to avoid pregnancy and you have to mark several temps as questionable right around the possible day of the temperature shift, you should consider yourself potentially fertile until your next cycle, just to be safe. 

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