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    You mention that if my "cervical fluid is too watery to measure," then you result to vaginal sensation. What do you mean that my cervical fluid could be "too watery"?

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    Hey ldellva,

    If your cervical fluid is REALLY watery, it might absorb into your underpants right away, like water would - and, if you don't check your CF until later that day, it may have already dried, making it seem as if you didn't have any CF that day. But, if you had a slippery, wet vaginal sensation that day, and you hadn't yet experienced a temperature shift for that cycle, then that's a very good indicator that you're in your fertile window! 

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    Courtney -

    Thank you for this! I've always "noticed" those days but sometimes didn't have the proof when I checked CF. It's so helpful to know that I should be marking those days too!


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    Nina Pham

    Does watery cervical fluid always come after the other cervical fluids? Is it safe to say that watery cf would not come immediately after menstruation? I'm having trouble determining no cf and watery cf. After my menstrual cycle I've been having what feels like no cf but some days I'm not sure if it could be considered watery cf. This is my first month of charting. I really need my wink! I'm trying told hold off on pre ordering it in case the Canadian dollar goes back up a little. Lol

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    So what is cervical fluid like during pregnancy?

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    Hi Neener.le, some women may experience watery cervical fluid just after their periods, but in general it's unusual to see very-fertile quality cervical fluid right after menstruation is over.  If you're not sure whether the fluid you've observed is real cervical fluid or not, you can do the water test - get some of the fluid on your finger and dip it into a glass of water.  If the fluid remains on your finger and/or stays slippery, it's real cervical fluid.  If it dissipates in the glass of water, chances are it was simply vaginal moisture.  Watery cervical fluid also tends to be VERY slippery to the touch, while vaginal moisture simply feels more like tap water on your fingers.

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    Hi Tad008, cervical fluid during pregnancy generally looks similar to cervical fluid patterns during your luteal phase.  Pregnant women may have creamy, sticky, or no cervical fluid at all while they're pregnant.

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    This is my first month charting. I've actually had to stop taking my temperature since yesterday because we (husband and I) just realized the old school thermometer wasn't working property. Even at night it remained on the same 97.3 temp I had charted. Any who.... I've been following up with my CF and I've now reached a road block. I just need clarification on when peak days start and if they have anything to do with this watery sensation? For me it happens throughout the day in small to large quantities. Some times with a bit of sticky CF. does his mean I'll begin ovulating tomorrow?

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    Hello, if i see watery fluid after i saw my temperature chifted ( suposely ovulation) .

    Is this possible to still be fertile?

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    Hi KatiaMartel,

    It depends on how far past your temperature shift you are.  You can always send your chart into and we'll try to give you our best feedback as to what you're seeing.  Good luck!

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