No Cervical Fluid? Find It




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    Oh my goodness. hahahahaha!!!!

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    Seriously probably the best instructions I have ever read in how to find out what's between your legs and find cervical fluid! Thankfully I did the mirror thing for the first time when I was about 10 so I have known all that for a long time - but still, had I not had a look I would so it RIGHT NOW!!!!

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    After reading all of this (and laughing uncontrollably) I now feel a Lot more comfortable with my body! Thank you so much! I love how you added the humor in to it!

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    Jenny Larsson

    It was brought to my attention that checking for cervical fluid internally (which appeals to me, feels like you'd catch it earlier and see more amounts of it) may not be so wise. You know Hannah from Holistic Hormonal Health? She said that checking internally could be confusing because of two things: 1) Baseline moisture level. 2) Vaginal cell slough. The baseline moisture level isn't really that hard, because like you said, unless there's a substance on your finger it's not CF (exception of watery which will literally gush out of your body). Vaginal cell slough really had me interested though. I tried my best googling it (both for pictures and text) but to no avail. There was basically nothing of informational value out there. Zero. Nil. I feel like if you did a post about it, if you have that kinda knowledge, it'd help me and a whole host of women who have now been informed that what they are observing as creamy may not always be creamy, it may be vaginal cell slough. It'd be immensely helpful to be able to distinguish between the two. Hannah says it's possible but ofc she won't disclose that without $$$. I'm not willing to shell out cash for something that should already be available in books or articles. Besides, if it isn't, I'm not particularly convinced that she knows any better herself. She must've learnt some way and if it isn't from literature, it's just some woman who's taught her. Anecdoctal "evidence" isn't convincing to me. I'd be very glad to hear from you, even if that's something you haven't heard of before or have any knowledge of. It needs to be brought up to the surface so that it can and will be studied in case it hasn't already been studied. Thanks a lot.

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    Sarah Hug

    This was a beautifully written and humorous article, but it got deleted from wiki how! :( what!? Also, I second jela9494's questions about vaginal cell slough. What is up with that? Is it normal to have cf in the post ovulatory infertile phase of your cycle-- is that vaginal cell slough? Thank you!

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    Hi Sahara, thanks for contacting us!  Hm, which wiki how are you referring to?  If you can send me a link I'll look into it.  As for the vaginal cell slough, I'll be perfectly honest and say this is the first I've ever heard of anything like that!  I can say it's perfectly normal to have cervical fluid during your post-ovulatory phase; some women have creamy cervical fluid every day and never have any dry days at all.  This is perfectly normal and is simply a part of your unique fertile pattern.  I hope that helps!

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    I just got off hormonal bc, so I know that my cervical fluid might be wonky, but am only able to get any to check if I circle my finger around the outside of my cervix and scoop it out. If I just drag from the tip of my cervix, I don't really have any to check... But I have loads if I do the circling thing. I just want to make sure that what I am really looking at is cervical fluid and not something else. It definitely matches the descriptions (right now what I am getting is certainly egg white), but I wanted to make sure.

    Also, is there an article somewhere about distinguishing between cervical fluid and semen? Is semen stretchy like EWCM?

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    Hi Jennie,

    You may find the following article helpful in answering your questions:

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    I'm on the pill, and have been for about 5 years now. I am wondering if it is worth trying to track cervical fluid (and does it even occur on the pill)? I trade Trivora, a triphasic birth control pill. I'm just trying to track my period, obviously, but I want to get the hang of tracking my body for when I am ready to start a family. Thank you for any advice!


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    I have been doing this for several months and I never seem to get anything except a little 'sticky' CF, small white globs. I'm 2 months post ID removal which I have used for 9 years. I used to get much more CF when I was younger but now there seems to be almost nothing. I'm 34 and TTC. Will this make it harder for me to conceive?

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