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    Hi, just wondering if you can give me some idea what I could do, I'm 37 and after years of taking the pill, I changed contraception to implant about 4 years ago. Father few months this didn't agree with me so I was given mirina coil. This again didn't agree with me. My periods stopped completely with both these. I decided to rid my body of all hormones and in October 2012 changed to non hormone IUD, copper coil. I still haven't had periods since this time! My last period was in 2012! I've had numerous blood tests, ultra sounds and am told there is no physical reason why I am not having periods?

    My husband and I want a baby and I had IUD removed on 7 September. Am wondering if there is anything I can do? I'm worried I now can't conceive?

    I am very healthy, eat very clean and healthy and physically fit?

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    Hi skillen, 

    Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. I hope we can help you. :)  If you're not menstruating, it's likely that you're not ovulating right now. It's impossible to conceive without ovulation.  A good place to start is charting your fertility so you can learn about your body, and to see when you are fertile, so you will have the best chance of conceiving. Have you started charting yet?

    If you are new to fertility charting I suggest reading this article on our site:

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

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