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    What exactly defines the luteal phase? Is it from ovulation to next cycle regardless of your temperature and cervical fluid during the time? For example what if my temperature went back down say 7 days after ovulation but my next cycle didn't start until 12 days after ovulation, the luteal phase was 12 days, correct?

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    That's correct. If you confirmed a temperature shift with three consecutive high temperatures, your luteal phase is the number of days from the first day of your shift until your next cycle.

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    Iam so confused. So do you ovulate through the whole luteal phase? Or you ovulate somewhere during the luteal phase?

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    You ovulate, and that marks the beginning of your LP. Actual ovulation is a 1 day thing

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    So the luteal phase is ov to the start of the next cycle or temp shift to the start of the next cycle? Since you can't exactly pinpoint ov and on the app it starts counting from your temp shift..?

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    Hi Micky, thanks for your question!  Your luteal phase is from your temperature shift until the start of your next cycle.  While your temperature shift is not a 100% precise indicator of when ovulation occurred, it generally occurs within 12-24 hours after ovulation is over so it's a close enough estimate of when ovulation occurred.  I hope this helps.

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    Hi, I'm trying to change the number of days for my luteal phase on the app. Can you instruct me how to do it please?

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    I don't believe you can manually enter this value. The app calculates from the first day of temperature shift until first day of your next cycle. By you marking the temperature shift is marking the first day of your luteal phase. You can see this as the blue numbers marked on the temperature and would represent the day of your luteal phase. Every cycle may be a slightly different number of days. Hopefully this help.

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