Multiple Ovulation




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    If I had twins my last pregnancy, would I have a higher chance in getting pregnant with twins again? I'd love to have another set of twins.

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    Hi there,

    Here's an article with some statistics on the likelihood of having twins:

    If your twins are fraternal, then the chance of having another set of fraternal twins increases, to about 1 in 12. If they're identical, then the chance of having another set of identical twins decreases to about 1 in 70,000. However if they're identical, your chance of having fraternal twins is still approximately the same (1 in 90).

    Best of luck :)

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    Is it possible to know if you released 2 eggs in a 24 hour period? Or does it not differ symptom-wise from releasing one egg?

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    Hi Naumann, thanks for your question!  It's generally impossible to tell that you've released two eggs within a 24 hour period - the symptoms will be the same in most cases.  However, if you're someone who usually feels the release of the egg in the ovary or ovarian pain during ovulation, it's possible you may feel this twice if you've released two eggs.

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