What Is the Fertility Awareness Method?




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    Hey there! I have a few questions that I can't seem to find a direct answer to anywhere (maybe one doesn't exist). So when your CF is watery, it means ovulation is about to occur, but hasn't yet? So maybe a day or two before? If you have some cramping with ovulation, does this also happen before?

    Also, does ovulation generally tend to take place at a particular time of day-morning or evening?

    Let's say you ovulate on Thursday and have unprotected sex Friday night. The chances of pregnancy are lower, since the egg will probably disintegrate before the sperm gets a chance to reach it, so best to have sex before, right?

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    Hey! Watery CF can often be a sign that you're approaching ovulation, but it doesn't necessarily mean this. It's not possible to know exactly when you'll ovulate based on the type of cervical fluid you're observing - you need to confirm ovulation by tracking both your cervical fluid AND your basal body temperatures (you can also track cervical position for added confirmation of the fertile window). 

    It's not possible to know exactly what time of day ovulation takes place through tracking your fertility signs, but it is possible to determine an approximate time of ovulation through ultrasounds. However, there isn't any evidence that women tend to ovulate at a particular time of day more than others. The best time to have sex to get pregnant is when you notice eggwhite or watery cervical fluid, but haven't had a temperature shift yet. But if you're avoiding pregnancy, you need to wait until your temperatures have been high for at least 3 consecutive days, and your cervical fluid has been drying up for at least 4 consecutive days, before you can have sex without risking a pregnancy.

    For your last question, your chances of pregnancy if you had unprotected sex on Friday night are probably lower than if you had sex on Thursday, but not necessarily - it is possible to release two eggs in one cycle within 24 hours of each other. This is called multiple ovulation and is thought to occur in 10% of all cycles. So if you release an egg on Thursday, then release an egg 24 hours later on Friday, you could still be very fertile on Friday evening. 

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    So are you fertile until confirmed ovulation unless you have no cervical fluid?

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    Hi Micky, thanks for contacting us! I'm happy to give you more information about the Fertility Awareness Method :)  On dry days (days with no cervical fluid) you're considered safe for unprotected sex until your fertile window opens. You can read more about this method here:


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    Had my mirena removed on the 22/12 had a bleed on 23/ til the 27/12 could this have been my period as I was told that the hormones from the coil leave your body immediately

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