Charting with PCOS




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    Do you know of another resource that I could get more in-depth information about PCOS? I love the chart examples! Thank you!!

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    Hey there, 

    Sure! Here's another article about PCOS from our Knowledge Base:

    Here's an example of a Kindara chart for a woman who has PCOS:

    And, you can also check out, a website that has TONS of useful info for women with PCOS.

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    Thank you so much for this!! I have PCOS and my CF doesn't follow a pattern during my "cycle". I was thinking that I must just be really bad at determining when my CF is fertile and sometimes am VERY discouraged by this. It's incredible to me how little support I have received from doctors regarding tracking my fertility specifically because of my PCOS. I really appreciate the support!

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    I'm so glad you've found this helpful!  We're very happy to know when we're able to have a positive of women's lives, so thank you so much for sharing!

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    I would like to know y'all's opinion, if you have one. I have been off of my HBC pill since July of 2014. The first few cycles were random and very different lengths: one would be 30 days, the next would be 75, then the next would be 32, the next 50 days. Within the past few cycles, my cycle length has been around 40 days long. I stopped charting, so I can't really say what day I ovulated or what my cervical fluid was like, but I was taking ovulation tests and there were positive ones every cycle. But we've been trying to get pregnant now for three cycles and no luck. Should I be concerned that I might have PCOS? I have been having regular 40-45 day cycles the past 4 cycles, but is that a normal/healthy length? Thank you! And I apologize for the long post!

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