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    Great article on how accommodating you are to your customers. I love that! The thermometer that you sell in your store, does that record to the tenth or hundredth degree? Just curious! 

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    Hi there,

    The thermometer sold in the Kindara store records your temperatures in Fahrenheit, to the 1/10th degree. If you aren't already charting your temperatures, we recommend you chart to the 1/10th degree, since charting to the 1/100th degree is unnecessary (as explained above) and can be confusing. But if you are already charting to the 1/100th degree, that's totally fine too :)

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    I have a thermometer that measures to the 1/100th degree as well. Do you suggest rounding up/down or just ignore that decimal place and use whatever number is in the 1/10th spot??

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