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    I really enjoy charting and going all natural! I've noticed my moods and feelings are all over the place. Would it be helpful for me to track my moods as well as my cycles? Is there a place on the app where I can do this?

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    Hi there, 

    Mood changes throughout your cycle are normal, and in fact, to be expected, given all of the hormonal changes going on in your body. For more information on how hormonal changes can affect how you feel, I recommend you check out the book The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray. It's fascinating and a quick read :) 

    It can certainly be useful to track your moods so you can see if they're related to where you are in your cycle. We don't have a dedicated mood tracker in the app right now (though this is something we'd like to add in the future!), but you can track your moods using the Custom Data section or the Journal section in the app. To track your moods with Custom Data, create a row for each of the moods you want to track, then tap the button next to that row on the day that mood applies. 

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    Thank you so much for this app. It has honestly changed my life! I thought I'd be stuck with the horrible side-effects of HBC forever! Or an IUD putting my uterus in a constant state of inflammation. But thanks to this app, plus various books on FAM, charting has become something easy, affordable and part of every-day life! Without being an invasive method of birth control and while giving me all this amazing knowledge about my body that I never even knew existed, at the same time! I am constantly learning new things about my body with each cycle I track - my latest discovery is that I get SO ravenously hungry the day before I'm about to get my period, especially for milk-based products like cheese...And then when I actually have my period, the thought of that repulses me and I barely have an appetite. I've also worked out that on the day I am most fertile I tend to get this really bloated feeling in my stomach. I get a rough's nights sleep when ovulation time comes around but sleep like a baby for hours on end when I get my period. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as well! It's such an incredible feeling to finally understand what's happening in your body. Thank you again for allowing women everywhere to empower themselves & their bodies with this app!

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    Hi Naomi, thanks so much for your message!  That made everyone's day here in the office - we shared it with everyone on the team and it brought smiles to all our faces.  Thank YOU for being awesome :)

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    I'm newly returning to tracking my cycles after having my first child. My periods just resumed. I spotted for 2 days and then began to bleed; should I start this cycle with the first day of spotting or the first day of bleeding?

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