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    What a cool book to stumble upon! Do you believe in these so-called phases and do they actually work? Is there a place in the app where I can track my mood or where it can remind me of these phases? I think this is a really important aspect of a women's cycle, why does Kindara not focus on it? 

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    Hey there! Personally, I'm a huge fan of The Optimized Woman :) I definitely experience phases similar to the ones outlined above throughout my cycle, and understanding those phases has helped me to organize my life and maximize my potential in a lot of ways. For instance, if I take time to rest and reflect during the 'Reflective' phase, then I find I have a lot more energy throughout the rest of my cycle. 

    You can use the Custom Data or the Journal section of the app to track your mood or which phase you're in. For instance, you could create 4 Custom Data rows - Reflective, Dynamic, Expressive, and Creative - and select the checkbox next to the row on the days that it applies. 

    We don't focus on this more in the app simply because every woman is different, and while learning about the phases described above can be really helpful and relevant for a lot of women, they may not apply to everyone, or they may not apply in the same way. For instance, some women may have much longer 'dynamic' phases than others, or some may have longer 'creative' phases, etc. Also, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, on hormonal medications, etc. may not experience a cyclical pattern. But, we created the Custom Data and Journal sections specifically so that you could track anything you wanted to, such as these phases :)

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