Herpes Is The New Black




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    I never realized how serious the herpes virus really is! I didn't know that it could be dormant for years! Great podcast and even better article. Thank you so much!

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    Interesting. I have had genital herpes for a few years. I'm currently experiencing the beginning symptoms of another outbreak. Took my temperature today and it was 36.39 yesterday it was 36.21 when I had no symptoms. Do u think the rise in my temperature is because I'm getting another outbreak? How does this effect your chance of getting pregnant. Obviously u can have sec during this time because it's just painful to do so....

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    Hey nessipm, have you already confirmed ovulation this cycle with a sustained temperature shift? If not, it's possible the temp rise was due to ovulation. 

    Genital herpes should not affect your ability to get pregnant (i.e., you can have herpes and still have regular, ovulatory cycles) - however, if you are planning to become or do become pregnant, we recommend you talk to your doctor so they can give you medications if necessary. If you have an outbreak at the time of birth, a c-section can prevent the baby from coming in direct contact with the vagina. 

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