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    Hi, i just started using this app and my goal is to avoid pregnancy. However, for some reason, the option for showing fertile days only shows up when i change my goal to getting pregnant. I would think it is important to know your fertile days to avoid them if you don't want to get pregnant- am i doing something wrong or is this a glitch with the app?

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    Hi Lorir78, I'm so sorry about this, but I'm afraid the fertility prediction feature isn't available to users with their goal set to Avoid Pregnancy. Right now, the app does not tell you which days you're fertile. We do have a basic fertility prediction feature for users with the goal set to Get Pregnant - however because the prediction is based on an average of past cycle data and not the data from the current day, it's not always 100% accurate at determining the fertile window. For that reason, we don't want users to rely on the prediction feature to avoid pregnancy.

    While it would be really useful to have a feature that would just tell you when you're fertile, the thing is that most prediction features are not completely accurate, as they don't take into account ALL of the different factors that can indicate if a woman is fertile or not. Also, every woman is different, so ultimately only you can be the judge of what's going on with your body. After you've been using the Fertility Awareness Method for a while, your ability to gauge when you are fertile or not will be MUCH better than any algorithm's :)

    So, particularly if you don't want to get pregnant, it's best to confirm your fertile days with the daily observation of the primary fertility signs. You can confirm when you're fertile by tracking your temperatures and cervical fluid each day, and applying the 4 rules of using the Fertility Awareness Method as birth control (

    If you need more info on how to check your primary fertility signs and what they mean, check out our knowledge base: There's tons of useful info in there.

    If there's anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks again for writing us :)

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    Hi, my chart does load, but for yesterday I recorded sticky CF, but it come up on the chart as a grey bar indicating no CF..

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    Hi Femkeswanton,

    It depends on where you are in your cycle.  If you've already ovulated, we color the CF bars grey to indicate that this particular cervical fluid no longer fertile.  Hope this helps!

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    The app split my chart up after 19 days.... My cycle is 28 days. Now I have to flip back and forth to see how my temps are trending...

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    Hi Michelle,

    I'm sorry that the method of changing start/end dates isn't clear! I'm happy to help you fix your data :)

    By default, Kindara automatically starts a new cycle when you enter menstruation data for the first time as long as the current cycle is at least 10 days long. To change the start day of your cycle, navigate to the first day of the cycle you wish to merge with the previous one either by swiping to the left in the data screen or by tapping and holding on that day in the chart screen and selecting "edit." Then, tap the amount of menstruation you have entered (Light, Medium, Heavy) to deselect it. This should merge that cycle with the previous one.

    Or, if you prefer, you can also manually set the start dates of your cycles. To do this, tap the More screen, then Settings, and find the row that says "Start New Cycles Manually." Slide the toggle to the right to turn it on.

    If you turn this option on, you'll see a row under the menstruation section of the data screen that says "Start New Cycle Today?" Tap the check-box in this row and Kindara will set that day to Day 1 of your cycle. You can also tap the check-box again to remove it and continue charting in the previous cycle.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions or comments :)

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    Hi! My charts don't show up on the Web portal nor on my iPad. What can be the matter??

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    Hi Nikitsir, I'm so sorry about that!  Hm, that sounds really frustrating - I'll do everything I can to get this sorted out for you.  Could you send us an email at and include the email address associated with your account?  We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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    Hi, my problem is that the app is telling me that my chart has successfully posted in community. But it doesn't show up at all in the community feed, or on my shared charts. Please help! Lol. I hope I hear back from u guys. You seem to be on top of getting back to people, so I'll hopefully hear from u soon with a solution to this problem. Thanks!

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    I can see my shared chart and comments but not the charts of anyone I am following , this is a new problem as of this morning !

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