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    If I forgot to take my temperature this morning, should I guestimate what my temperature is or should I leave that day blank? How many days in a row forgetting to take my temp until my chart is messed up?


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    Hi there,

    You should leave the temperature wheel blank for that day - never guess! As for your second question, it depends on where you are in your cycle. If you already confirmed ovulation with a sustained temperature shift, then it's not necessary to record your temps for the rest of your cycle to know whether you're fertile (though doing so can still be useful, as it can let you know if there are any issues with your luteal phase that might be impacting your fertility). 

    If you haven't yet confirmed ovulation with a sustained temperature shift, and you forget to record your temperatures for several days, you may need to wait until the next cycle to be able to confirm ovulation. Remember that to confirm a temperature shift, you need to have the temps from the 6 days prior to the temp shift, and the 3 days following the temp shift.

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    Do you have to take your temp at the same time everyday?

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    Hi als, to get the most accurate temperature reading, you should take your temperature at the same time every day within an hour or two.  Your temperature creeps up the longer you sleep in, so if you don't take your temp around the same time every day, you probably won't get an accurate reading.

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    My Dr.wants me to take my temp. twice a day... How can I graph the second temp?

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    I always wake up at least once before my alarm wakes me to take my temp but it is always at a different time. Should I be temping then or should I temp when my alarm goes off so it's the same time everyday?

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    I think I might sometimes sleep with my mouth open, which is showing my temp as really low on some days (96.8°). Would it be more accurate to take temp from my ear every morning, instead?

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