How to enter previous cycles




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    I just recently started using Kindara and I used to record just the day or days I was ovulating. I never fully understood the whole process until reading your articles in the Knowledge base, but I only have days I have ovulated. Is there any way I could input those days or should I just leave it? 

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    Hi there,

    How were you tracking ovulation? Were you using ovulation tests? Pinpointing the day of ovulation through your cervical fluid and temperature patterns requires tracking your signs over the course of your cycle. 

    If you were using ovulation tests, the thing about OPKs is that while they can be useful for determining when ovulation is approaching, they don't actually confirm that ovulation occurred. You can mark positive or negative ovulation test results for past cycles if you'd like (just go to the Calendar screen and tap the day you want to edit), but we don't recommend relying on ovulation test results to know when you're fertile.

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    Hi, I've just downloaded your app but have been tracking my periods previously on my calendar. I'd like to add my prior period history to the app. I have followed the instructions but can't add the prior periods. Can you give me some advice?



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