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    Nothing for android?

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    Oops! I needed to update this article - thanks so much for pointing that out :) You can sync your Kindara data between iOS and Android devices. The new Android app can be found here:

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    Having trouble syncing between an iOS and android device. When I open the data screen or chart screen in android, I don't see a save button like I do in iOS.

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    Hi Yojunc,  Thank you for writing.  Generally android devices don't have save buttons, but rather the data saves automatically. What seems to be the trouble syncing between devices?

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    I have a iPad and an Android phone, but would like my partner to be able to see the data too. Is it possible to sync among more than 2 devices?

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    I have an iPhone and iPad, and my husband has an android. I was able to install Kindara, use and see my data (as long as you're logged in with the same user info) on each device. So, yes yvedeaf, it's possible to sync the app among more than 2 devices. However, as yojunc stated, I too experienced issues with syncing between iOS and android. My issues seemed to be caused in the entirety by the android version. The sync between my 2 iOS devices has been perfect, no issues so far (I've only been charting for almost a month). Yes Sam, I noticed there is no save button on the android and data saves automatically. The problem that I was experiencing is that all the data options in the android app seemed to be more sensitive to the touch than iOS. Even if I was just scrolling up and down to see what I had recorded throughout the day (checking if there was proper sync on android), somehow other options would become active (selected), and since data saves automatically, this would change and mess up my charting (especially if it changes data like CF, peak days, temp shift, etc.). There were instances that, as I was recording during the day, I would notice discrepancies in my data and would have to correct it (this started to raise doubts about the accuracy of my data for previous days). Then, there was this time that I had already recorded my temp on my iPhone and my husband's phone started ringing, it was the temp reminder alarm. A window popped up on screen with a scroll-up/down option to record "my" temp, (it had a temp set already, but it wasn't my temp for that day). There were only 2 options to select from: save or clear. Since I had already recorded my temp that morning (which I didn't remember at that moment) I hit the clear option (thinking that I was canceling the alarm...) Later that day, I went back to record more data on my phone and my temp had been deleted. Fortunately, I keep track on my phone's calendar of my temp and time (I think this would be a great feature to have in the app) every day, and my thermometer saves my last reading, so I was able to set my temp for that day again! But because of the discrepancies and doubts on the accuracy of my daily data, I decided to uninstall the app from my husband's phone. I think it would be great to have a setting that makes the app "read-only", so data can only be seen.

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    My iPad and iPhone aren't syncing.

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    Hannah Walsh

    Having the same issue with iPad and iPhone not syncing. Often my iPad is five days behind (tried closing, reopening, moving between screens, etc)

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