How to Use the Custom Reminders Feature




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    Is this feature no longer available? I can't seem to find it.

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    Hi esberes,

    Are you by any chance using Kindara on an Android device?  We currently don't have the extended alarms feature available for Android, but we plan to add it in a future version.  I'm so sorry about the inconvenience!

    Kindara for Android does have a simpler alarms feature for taking your temperature and checking your cervical fluid, though.  To turn this on, tap the Data screen and tap the small clock icon on the right side of the sections labelled Temperature and Cervical Fluid.  A pop-up will appear asking you when you'd like your alarm to go off.

    If you're using Kindara for iOS and you don't have this feature, you may need to update your app to the latest version (as of writing this, the latest version available for iOS is 4.4.1).  You can update your app in the app store.  I hope this is helpful!

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    I'm not getting notifications on my phone (up to date iOS for iPhone 5s). Kindara isn't showing up in the Notification Center either.

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    Hi Ajpalko, I'm sorry that the notifications aren't showing up for you.  This issue has come up for one or two other users on iOS 8, but not everyone, so it's strange.  We're working on trying to figure out what it might be, but currently we think it may be an operating system issue.  Please bear with us as we try to figure this out, thank you!

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    Is there a way to get notified when someone comments on our chart, or there is a new comment on a chart we are following?

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    Hi sthiebert, 

    Thanks so much for contacting us! Kindara is actually designed to provide notifications when someone replies to a thread you posted to and when someone comments on your chart. It's possible you have notifications disabled for Kindara.

    To check if this is the case, tap the Settings app on your phone (this looks like a silver-gray gear icon), then tap the row that says Notification Center. Scroll all the way down until you find a list of all the apps on your phone - you'll notice the apps are divided into two lists, the first one being "Include" and the second being "Do Not Include." If Kindara is categorized under "Do Not Include", tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the screen and drag Kindara into the "Include" list.

    Once you've done that, tap on Kindara's icon in the list. Make sure all the notifications and banners are on by sliding each toggle to the right. This should allow notifications from Kindara on your phone.

    Let me know if the app is still giving you trouble after trying this!

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    Hi there. This may sound silly but i can't seem to find the reminder sounds settings on my iphone nor on the app. Need to change the tune as it is a lil too 'heart stopping' in the mornings 😄

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